Fire update: Month 3

Three months later and still waiting for approval to start repairs.


Three long, slow months have passed since the fire in our hood system on March 14.

After our initial efforts to clean, organize, inventory, and empty the restaurant in preparation for structural repairs, all progress has been at a standstill for the past two months pending the completion of insurance investigations. Several third parties have been named as potentially having some liability for the cause of the fire, which has caused a delay in our ability to rebuild. We anticipate our insurance company giving us the green light to proceed in July.

a summer like no other

Unfortunately, the gorgeous summer months ahead will be needed to rebuild and repair the water, fire, and smoke damage to the restaurant roof, floors, walls, kitchen, and equipment. We regret that we’ll be closed for this reconstruction work during what is normally our busiest and most popular season. We’ll reopen as soon as we can so you can once again enjoy everything Trafford Restaurant is known for: our beautiful waterside dining rooms and patio, outstanding food and service, and exquisite views.

Stay tuned. We’re not going anywhere.

Our building and our staff are patiently waiting for the signal to start the major recovery work from the fire that closed us down. We’ll let you know when that day comes!

Russell Goyette